Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Gift of the Present Moment

Tonight, I came home, tired and grappling with a resentment...and there she was. Happy to see me, tail wagging so hard it banged against the wall. I took her outside to relieve herself and found that she actually took me on a walk, perhaps to relieve myself. She walked me down the block further and further away from the apartment. I kept looking back, anxious I had not locked the door. But something about her confidence in leading me down this street seemed to say I was in good hands. I am safe.

After we were far enough a way she buried her nose in the fresh early spring grass, and I looked up and noticed a couple constellations I otherwise would not have. I felt breath coming in and tension leaving me. Perhaps I am reading too much into what was most certainly just a quick dog walk. Or perhaps for a moment I really let go and this little being knew exactly what I needed. Perhaps the universe and my dog conspired to show me that if I let go a little, even for just a walk down the street, the world will promise fresh new ground and a sky full of stars.

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Carmen said...

yes! to stars and ground and dogs taking care of people