Monday, October 27, 2014

Home is wherever I'm with you...

photo cred: Sara Moe
First Anniversary
Two years ago we said "Yes" to a life of creative messiness and leaps into the unknown. Not even a year later, we left everything and went around the world. Last year, we spent our first anniversary in India. We woke up and saw the Taj Mahal and then took a 9 hour journey on a train infested with cockroaches. We powered through way too many episodes of Breaking Bad  and when we arrived at Khajuraho it was pitch black and we were mobbed by tuk tuk drivers. We eventually got into one that ran us off the road and almost into a cow. We hopped out of that one and shared another ride into town. We found the only Indian Italian place in town on a hotel rooftop and had pizza and beer. This year we dropped off our puppy to get spayed.

I miss New York and our lives in Brooklyn, but the truth is it doesn't matter where we are as long as we are walking next to each other and laughing, a lot.
photo cred: Sara Moe
Happy anniversary, handsome. So many adventures behind us, so many more before us.


Carmen said...

happyyyyyyy anniversary! i want to see more of these wedding shots! sara did such a beautiful job!!
love to you and mike

daleboca said...

Happy happy! Lovely pics!