Monday, July 21, 2014

Global Eats Around the Valley & Beyond

Me, eating up the good life at Alimento in Silver Lake
I didn't intend for such a delightful weekend of global cuisine, but I'll take it!  One of the gifts that living in New York gave me and travel expanded upon was my appreciation for my very diverse palate. Going out to east is pretty much my favorite thing in the world, so why not share the love here and give you a few gems from LA.

Mo & Scott at Gyu-Kaku in the Valley
On Friday, I went to dinner in the valley at Gyu-Kaku with some of my oldest friends and their little four year old firecracker of a daughter where we enjoyed some Japanese BBQ. The trick to this little valley hot spot is someone has to be the designated cook (the table is the grill) and that someone has to pay attention to the clock. Thankfully, the gentleman of our crew assumed that role, and we all enjoyed some perfectly cooked Harami Miso and Spicy Pork topped off with some S'mores deliciousness.

Saturday was an awesome day of Silver Lake exploration. Tara and I met up for what we thought would be a beach day, but with the overcast clouds, we opted for the other side of Los Angeles and cruised along Silver Lake. We started with almond milk lattes at LA Mill where I proceeded to get all emotional in talking about this transition out here. Emotions which carried on to happy hour at El Condor where the waitress there was super awesome and suggested we try one of the best tequila reposados I have ever had.  Unfortunately, I can't remember the name. But, no matter. This is definitely a happy hour spot I will be returning, too. After some real talk and tough love, I shook the blues and we took our time getting to our dinner reservation at new Italian joint, Alimento. We were kind of full from the appetizer and drinks at El Condor, so we split three small dishes and opted for the chicken liver crostini, the lamb belly with chickpea pancake and the chopped salad. The chicken liver blew my mind. I will be back there, just for that. (I mean, not ONLY that, but truly, that liver was amazing.)

EL Condor Happy Hour
Sunday, I was headed to the zoo in the morning and I definitely needed my daily caffeine fix so I skipped the long lines at the very deservedly popular Aroma Coffee & Tea on Tujunga and went with the Gelato Bar & Espresso Caffe a couple doors down where they brew a delicious roast and make a mean cappuccino. After checking out some lions, flamingos and chimpanzees I ate a light lunch of fruit to save my appetite for drinks and dinner with friends passing through town on their cross-country trip. We tried some home-brewed lagers at BJ's Brewhouse and then headed to the Himalayan Cafe for Tibet-Nepalese food which brought back so many wonderful memories. Yak Momos, Thukpa, Lamb Vindaloo, paratha, Thalis! It's amazing how quickly traveling feels like it slips through your fingers, but having all of this Tibetan and Nepalese and Indian food brought a smile to my face and a deep sense of appreciation. If I can relive the trip through my tastebuds I am one very lucky girl.  

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