Thursday, June 12, 2014

"You Play Soccer Like A Girl!"

The Thighmasters, 2009

Today was the kick off to the World Cup 2014!!! This means two things:  Number one, I am busy until July 14th. Number two, not having full time employment right now is looking up! I first put on a pair of cleats when I was five years old. I did this alongside seven of my cousins and my brother. My aunt and uncle ran the referee tent, my father was a coach and a referee. We spent every weekend - all day Saturday, all day Sunday  - at the fields hopping to and from each other's games.

Growing up, playing soccer was an identity for me. Towards the end of high school I decided I wanted to try out some other identities, but soccer is what I have always come back to. And nothing gets me pumped like the World Cup!!!

In 1994 when the World Cup was in the USA, my dad took my brother and I to a semi-final game - Sweden versus Brazil - where towards the end of the game we saw a Brazilian fan TKO a Swedish fan. I have always rooted for Brazil not because they are usually the best but because they play the game more beautifully and passionately then any other team out there. (Minus the dives).

Today was Brazil versus Croatia and although the ref totally favored Brazil - even gave them an undeserved penalty shot which resulted in their second goal and took away Croatia's second goal - Brazil deserved to win. Dear readers, are you ready for World Cup recaps and heated debates?!

To the bar! #becausefutbol


daleboca said...

do you know who your friends are? we may have to suspend our friendship until the end of this. root for an underdog man!

Lindsey Anthony-Bacchione said...

Ha! Always got love for Argentina! And of course I'm rooting for an underdog -- USA!