Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Move Over Iggy Azalea, We Want Fancy Jean Baker!

Chris Farah as Fancy Jean Baker at the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2014
The world is now a better, happier, sexier place because Chris Farah, an amazing talent, has given us Fancy Jean Baker, a seasoned prostitute with Southern Belle charm, a voice like Liza and boobs like Dolly, answering all of our #realtalk questions via live tweet like "Does using tinder make me tacky. I am gay though"  or "which soap should I use to clean my dildos?"

Fancy: Secrets From My Bootydoir playing NOW at the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2014 is one of the best pieces of comedy theatre I have seen in a long time. Chris Farah's Fancy is a mixture of cabaret-musical-comedy with a live pianist (whom Fancy lovingly refers to as her penist) showcasing Farah's dynamic vocals with modified show-tune favorites cut with sharp improv enticed by audience participation and a wicked but fresh humor peppered with all the naughty things we theatre lovers live to applaud for.  The show has a "loveyourselfie" message promoting love of self and love for each other since that is what it really is all about.

Watching Farah perform her one-woman show was inspiring on a personal level. Her confidence and magnetic personality truly radiates onto the audience, bringing everyone along for the ride. Her humor is also driven by positivity as opposed to picking an audience member or antagonizing hecklers as so many comedy shows tend to go. And while Fancy does not hold back on the sex talk, she also never dips below the line into the crude or worse - the sensational.

I loved this show and look forward to seeing more of Chris Farah around this town. If you are in LA and headed to the Hollywood Fringe Festival - go see FANCY!!!

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