Monday, June 9, 2014

How To Flip A Bitch: Left-Hand Turns in LA

Santa Monica Pier

Perhaps one of my favorite things about returning to LA is the freedom of flipping a bitch. I didn't realize this was "a thing" until I told my husband from New Jersey to just "flip a bitch" and he was like, "what the hell is that?"

It never occurred to me that his East-Coast-jughandle-left-turns-that-are-really-right-turns experience was exactly that. I pointed out that in LA, unless otherwise posted, you can make a left turn anywhere and we call that flipping a bitch. Likewise, when at an intersection in LA, waiting to turn left, the rule of thumb is "Two on a red, sometimes three." Pay attention to the Lefties, LA!

I never realized this left-hand turn chaos was something unique to my hometown. But I do remember cursing the gods when stuck on any goddamn road in New Jersey and I was forbidden to make a left hand turn, instead forced to make a right and go around on these ridiculous jughandles and then wait at a light to cross the street. I especially cursed the gods when I did not know about said jughandles.

After Mike successfully made a left-hand turn across four lanes and we parked at our destination, I informed him that, "Here in LA, we flip bitches and get fro-yo."

(Drops mic.)  For more on the crazy history of the madness we Los Angelenos call "left-hand turns," you can actually check out the history of flipping a bitch in this awesome article from Los Angeles Magazine. 

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