Friday, June 6, 2014

Happy Birthday To My Cousin Gret

Today is my cousin Gret's birthday. When we were kids, my friends called him my "Brad Pitt Cousin."

From top to bottom: Gret, Me, Shaun, Gian, Gary
There was a time when my parents didn't have it figured out. Divorce snuck up on them the way all life's heartbreaks do - slowly and suddenly. My parents's split snuck up on me the way my brother and I snuck up on Gret. He was sixteen - the oldest of my Aunt Gail's four boys. While my parents tried to navigate custody battles and alimony debates, my Aunt Gail invited us over to her house every night for dinner, homework and video games. We were two more pre-teen bodies invading a sixteen year old's space and I'm pretty sure we were too shell shocked to ever realize what that meant. Gret was suddenly given the task of picking up two more kids from school and soccer practice, babysitting two more kids when our parents were working, and keeping two more attitudes in check when typical kid fights broke out among the ranks.

Needless to say, he was a pretty important person in my life when I was growing up and continues to be, especially now that he is a father and I get to enjoy watching him play the same tricks he played on us with his three sons.

Happy birthday, Gret. May your humor always be wicked.

Gilen and Gret

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Carmen said...

so sweet! happy belated