Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Children Are Our Only True Markers Of Time

Today I got to watch my godson graduate from fifth grade. In addition to racking up a ton of "Certificates of Merit" in subjects ranging from Math to Dance and French, he also got to make a speech since he was the Student Body President of his elementary school. I think I was most impressed by this because he spoke clearly, calmly and with such confidence. I had a nostalgic moment seeing him standing up there all tall and poised. When I came home from backpacking around Ireland and Europe after college at the end of 2003, my first job was to babysit this kid who was all of 10 months old. I still remember this as the most exhausting and rewarding job I have ever had. But I can remember helping him balance, holding his hands so he could stand on his own and then letting them go to see how long he could hold his own. 

To see him today, a little over ten years later, standing strong and giving a speech to a filled auditorium took me by surprise. It feels like he grew up over night. But I guess that's the thing about kids. They are our only true markers of time. 

Congratulations, Garrett!

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