Sunday, May 11, 2014

Things I Learned From Your Mother

Happy Mother's Day...

Dad, I learned from your mother to look for the stories in the everyday. I learned the pleasure of people-watching and how a little bit of imagination and strong intuition makes everybody a character.

Mom, I learned from your mother the importance of introducing children to culture at a young age. I learned that things I once loved as a child will always come back to me and later become a respite from the challenges of adulthood. Nothing calms the nerves like the quiet of a library, the space of a museum, the collective pause when the lights go down before the show.

Aunt Gail, I learned from you the importance of speaking your truth, even if other people don't like it. I learned there is love in discipline, respect in chores, and understanding in conversations around a hot tub.

To my three godsons, your mother taught me how to "woman up" and in a pair of heels, no less. She teaches me that support is always only a phone call away.

To my cousin Gary's four  beautiful girls, your mom teaches me the power of being pragmatic, how to keep a level head no matter how loud it gets, and that no matter how many kids, you should always make time to blow dry your hair.

Mike, your mom taught me the importance of Sunday family dinner and how a curl up on the couch is sometimes the best medicine.

To my mother-in-law, your mother showed me how to hold court at any family function - you sit in the kitchen.  And on that note, Emilia, I learned from you the way to anyone's heart is through the kitchen.

To my three cousins, Emma, Hannah and Grace, your mom taught me how to honor your kids just by listening to them.

To my Aunt Trish, I learned that humor is a very clever way to mother a few nieces and nephews. That, and a well-trained dog.

To my Aunt Rose, I learned from you that perhaps even better than being someone's mom, is being someone's favorite grandmother, or a niece's confidante.

And to Kirra and Aubrey, your mom showed me that even good moms have a wild side, especially when on vacation in New York City.

To my scottish Aunt, I learned from you how to embrace your in-laws by re-branding yourself an "outlaw" and winning everyone over with charm.

To my cousins, Jeremy, Breanne and Anthony, your mom taught me that the best part of hosting is being the one who gives the toast.

To Nate, Riley and Norah, I learned from your mom that well-taught manners are the building blocks to a healthy conscious.

And Jessica, I've learned from you that a healthy family is a happy family.

Jacob and Mitch, I've learned from your mom that a question and "a look" are often more effective than a yell.

Morgan, Kylen, and Cade,  your mom taught me that it's not a workout until you have burned 400 calories and that a fireplace and a glass of wine is a good way to get to know anyone.

To Natalie, I've learned from your mom how to gracefully change a tasteless also helps if you know French.

And to Miss Tristan, your mom taught me to believe the hype. It is just as hard as I think it will be, and just as rewarding. She also taught me that you can have anything you want at your wedding, even a sword fight.

And to one more Natalie, the one in New York, your mom continues to teach me how to believe in my worth...that and that you can rock any style at any age if you've got the confidence to back it up.

Mo, your mom taught me how to make room for your friend's kids - literally. While Scott, your mom taught me almost the same thing. They also both taught me how to laugh like everyone is listening.

And to Delilah, your mom teaches me everyday to exercise my creative soul and go forth in the world with a wicked sense of comedy.

Dashiell, Finn, and Hazel, I learned from your mom how to take a leap.

Mila, I have been learning about my self from your mother for more than ten years. She has taught me how we gravitate toward the people who have the qualities we wish he had. She has also taught me that it is important to cry.

Mora, I learn from your mother what strength really looks like and how to embrace your children's delinquent traits, because let's be honest, that's what makes it really fun. I learn from her  all the time that even with four children and several jobs, there is always time for friendship. And to that effect, your mom's mom, shows me thoughtfulness comes in the little gestures that at first you may not notice until they become engrained as tradition, and that tradition is what keeps a family together.

Tara and Che, I've learned from your mom that a truly warm heart and an honest opinion is the only thing a kid really needs...that and maybe a few killer dance moves.

Regan, I learn from you that a mother's love can be found on the plate.

And Court, I learn from your mom that the key to life is to never stop moving. A body in motion will stay in motion. Oh, and there is always room for Vermont knick-knacks.

Megs, you taught me the serenity found in a piece of chocolate...and a good stiff gin. You also showed me what happy kids truly look like and that they are way more resilient than we think.

Sara Nicklas, I learned from you that you can do it differently. And Claire, I've seen from you the beauty in passing down exactly what we know.

Tula, your momma teaches me how to find the poetry in the small moments.

Danielle, your mom taught me more than to straighten the fringes on the rug. She also taught me discipline through the way she disciplined herself.

Chris, I learned from your mom how to be your kid's greatest cheerleader.

Alexander and William, I've learned from your mom the importance of diplomacy in every situation and that enthusiasm is infectious!

Willow and Logan, Sadie and Jack, your mothers teach me that kids are the true comedy to life and raising kids down the street from your best friend makes for one unstoppable extended family.

Priya, just last week I learned from you that when the kittens are away, the momma mouse will play!

And Delia, your momma teaches me how to stay perpetually positive even in the face of staggering hardship.

To Haze, I learned from your mother that the way to heal your heart is to honor your pain.

To my godmother, I have learned from you that hard work is an act of godliness.

And lastly to my mom, I have learned from you what tough really means. I have learned from you that I can do damn-well anything even if I'm afraid of it. I have learned from you that I have an abundance of love in my heart and it will show up for anyone if I ask it to.


The818 said...

This is, hands down, my favorite piece of yours. Which says a lot. I'm glad your Mom has shown you how much love you have to give, because my family has been basking in its glow for years.

I love you so much. You are a wonderful human being and that is going to make for a wonderful mother one day.

daleboca said...

i am honored to be included. you will most definitely be a fabulous mother and you are already an outstanding daughter- which is hard and admirable. miss you!!!!

Carmen said...

beautiful post. i echo both comments made already. i can't wait for you to be a mom. you're going to be awesome