Thursday, March 27, 2014

Babes in Bondi: Sydney and Her Beaches

Bondi Beach, Australia
Katy Perry was right when she sang "Nothing comes close to the Golden Coast," although, I do think the beaches of Sydney and the Gold Coast of Australia gives California a real run for its money. Sydney was another awesome Airbnb experience and we decided to park ourselves in Bondi Beach for five days. The beaches in Sydney were truly breathtaking and the babes and bods were also a bit breathtaking. Sun kissed skin, muscles and tattoos, and so many, many blondes. There is a culture on the beach that we enjoyed watching with no false hopes of truly cracking it. However, being a California girl, I'd say the culture in Sydney is not too far off from the culture in LA.
Proper Fish n' Chips, Aussie Style
Exhausted and totally culture shocked, admittedly and unregrettfully, we did not do much in Sydney. We mostly hung out at the beach, enjoyed a couple hamburgers and fish and chips and strolling along trendy Hall Street. We went for a swim, acquired a sunburn, did the coastal walk from Bondi Beach to Bronte Beach, enjoyed magnificent sunsets and made fast friends with our Airbnb host, Oliver, who offered to take us snorkeling at his favorite spot and take us to the Gap where we gazed out at stunning cliffs.
Our final day we decided to tour the Sydney Opera house and take the Ferry out to Manly Beach where we got more fish n' chips and enjoyed the mellow smaller beach. I also enjoyed my much missed flat white coffees, an Australian/New Zealand specialty.

We finished our time with a lovely dinner at Jamie Oliver's new restaurant in downtown Sydney with my friend that we stayed with in Myanmar!
Sydney was more expensive than we expected and five days, while short, was sweet because we couldn't really stretch it much further. Sydney is a place I plan to visit again along with a more thorough tour of Australia. Much to see and enjoy here. And while Singapore was a bit of a culture shock after coming from Cambodia, Sydney was a culture shock I was familiar with. When we got on the ferry to Manly Beach, I was surprised to see so many open seats on the deck and then geared myself up to be crammed in tight with very full benches. But the benches never filled. Maybe 2- 3 people on a 4-5 seater bench. Personal space is a privilege and while I was happy to scoot close to Mike to make more room on the bench, I secretly really enjoyed the first public seat in 8 months where I was not rubbing elbows, knees and butts with a stranger.
Surfers at Tamarama Beach

The people were friendly and helpful, the food was good, public transportation easy and the beaches divine.
Loving Australia THIS much at Manly Beach

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