Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sandra and The Tigers (BlogFestivus Day Four)

When she came to Bandhavgarh, Sandra promised herself she would only splurge on one safari for Christmas. When she didn’t see tigers, she called it a nice drive through the jungle. 

While in town, she spotted two young men, brothers, Westerners.

They excitedly ran up Sandra, one barefoot, the other smoking.

Hey! We’ve been trying to find someone to split a safari with, but the cost is still high. Any interest in splitting?

Sandra thought about it.

We just got word that there’s a fresh kill, a few of them have gathered at!

This was not part of “the plan.” She could miss her train. It could throw off everything! But weren’t these the kind of experiences she was looking for? Wasn’t she looking to be more trusting in the universe? Less controlling about her future? Spontaneous?

Okay, Sandra agreed.

Within an hour they were deep in the jungle. Suddenly, they heard it: the monkey’s call.

The driver raced to a brush with paw prints leading into tall white grass.

Tiger, he whispered. The three went silent, nothing but the sound of beating hearts as they waited for a tiger, and for one safari, Sandra forgot all about “the plan.” 


Anonymous said...

Way to take a bite out of BlogFestivus!

SteveB said...

Yow! I like your take on this.