Monday, December 16, 2013

Ingrid and The Hindu: BlogFestivus 2013 - Day One!

It's the return of Blogdramedy's annual BlogFestivus! This year's Holiday writing challenge is based on Dickens's classic, A Christmas Carol. Five days, five characters (Scrooge, the Three Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, Future, and Tiny Tim), 200 words each and the stories have to be in 2013. Every year, this writing challenge spreads wonderful and wicked holiday cheer created by several talented bloggers (which you can find here).

(To check out my previous BlogFestivus stories you can find The Twelve Days of Christmas HERE and Nine Reindeer and the Pursuit of Redemption HERE!)

And with that I give you Day One....Ingrid and The Hindu

It had been nine weeks and two rounds of antibiotics since Ingrid had left for India. Her soles were wearing thin, her patience thinner. She had had enough of traveling, enough of haggling, but most of all, she had had enough of saying the words, “thank you” directly following the word “No.” For weeks she had kept her composure with the touts, the shopkeepers, and the rickshaw drivers.

Rickshaw, madam?

No, thank you.

Come look my shop!

No, thank you.


No, thank you.

Hello! Excuse me, miss!

No, thank you!

Her bag was heavy, her heart hard. She counted the days until boarding a flight to Bali: three. If she could just make it two more nights in Deli without exploding-

Hello, ma’am.

NO!!! Ingrid screamed. As she turned around an elderly man with an orange tika and a confused smile shook his head from side to side. He pulled from a paper bag a handful of roasted peanuts and dropped them in her hand.

For a happy Christmas…ma’am.
Ingrid let the heat from the peanuts warm her hand and felt a tiny frog creep into her throat.

And a happy new year to you, she said. Happy 2014.


Anonymous said...

Love that you're tying this challenge to your challenges in traveling. Great idea.

And I do have to say...I like warm nuts. *grin*

Carmen said...


Anonymous said...

I love it when life serves us humble pie! Well done!

Anonymous said...

You took a totally different approach on this, I love and totally respect that! I'm so intrigued by it! :)

SteveB said...

I love it