Tuesday, December 17, 2013

BlogFestivus Day Two: Daniel and Mami

Daniel made a third attempt to clear a plate and for the third time, Mami stopped him.

Leave, leave. In our culture, the guest is God. Mami said.

When he set out for a year abroad in Asia, his buddy, Ramdas, had offered him a respite from travel with a stay with his relatives in India whenever he needed it. Daniel had expected all the challenges that come with travel. What he hadn’t anticipated was the loneliness he would feel come Christmas.

I don’t even get this treatment from my own family! He chuckled. Ramdas’s mother laughed before picking up the plate and disappearing into the kitchen again, leaving him once more with Mami.

We are all family. All the same, she said. Roti, Kapda, Makan.

Roti…food? He guessed.

She nodded. Food, Clothing, Shelter - what we are all chasing behind.

He sipped his chai. And family?

It is as it has always been. We have known each other before. That is why you came here to visit. Mami said.

And with that Daniel felt the weight of his isolation lift, disappearing into the full moon night he was sharing with his entire family, past and present, bodies and souls. 


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I feel a chorus from Sister Sledge coming on.

Nicely done. Can't wait for more.