Sunday, September 8, 2013

One Month of Travel: 5 Countries, 4 Friends, 3 Pink Shirts, 2 Overnight Bus Trips, 1 Cold

Sacred Bath, Pammukale, Turkey
It has been one month since Mike and I set out for this adventure. Just before we left, a friend in Vermont told us that time would feel slow because our experiences would be many. Time has been more than slow, it has been full and rich and inspired and exhausting. I intended to blog more frequently from the start of this journey, but my curiosity has been leading this trip and sometimes leading me straight into the ground.

Ihlara Valley, Turkey
I was not surprised after an overnight bus trip from Antalya, Turkey to Cappadocia, Turkey that I came down with a nasty virus that rocked my body with a cold, a stomach virus and a stiff neck. What does surprise me is that my body fought it quickly and it did not sink into my chest days later when I took another 12 hour overnight bus ride back to Istanbul. This trip has been a wonderful teacher and even better gratitude reminder. It has not been lost on me that I am very fortunate and while I'd love to be more humble with my picture posts, I also feel compelled to share, compelled to connect, compelled to stay within reach of my friends and family. Right now a picture conveys all the things I want to say: Isn't this country beautiful? I am happy and safe. We miss you! We thank you.

Ihlara Valley, Turkey
Kaputas Beach, Kas, Turkey
I am learning as I go on this trip - compassion, patience, and trust. And I don't do it perfectly, but I try to stretch myself and when I feel stretched too far, I take an hour alone. I swim. I sleep. I write. I pluck my eyebrows or finally tackle that dreadlock that has been forming in the back of my head. I look for routine and rhythm in strange places where I don't know the language, but find that a smile and a laugh of humility can be just the right kind of communication. I read. I meditate. And today, I finally did some strength training. It's important to center, important to ground...which is why blogging is so damn tough right now. I don't want to be centered at all. But without it, my instincts run riot, and I lose my serenity quicker than drinking a roadside Turkish tea.

So much to write about: the pink shirt drama in Prague, the outdoor opera in rainy Vienna, the music beneath the bridge in Budapest, the balloon ride in Cappadocia and the adventure in Turkey with two friends and a rental car. But for now, just a little check in, a little centering, and a little hello to so many of the people who made this possible.

With gratitude, love, and peace from be continued...

Kaputas Beach, Turkey


tara said...

you're so awesome.

daleboca said...

you look wonderful and i love the final pic of the two of you! so jealous of this trip. cannot wait to see you again.

Carmen said...

beautiful pictures!!!