Thursday, August 1, 2013

All My Bags Are Not Packed

Well hello, there! Yes, it has been awhile and I can't say for sure why. I got really busy, like really busy. And I started rethinking the whole online thing. I guess the pendulum always swings, but it started to swing back and hit me in the face when I realized how much of "me" is out there in and on the world wide web and not quite sure I wanted that anymore. But, I guess you can't put toothpaste back into a bottle. The other reason for silence, is probably because we have been gearing up for a trip that we were keeping pretty quiet about (in terms of online) until now. If you are reading for the first time, here is the recap: Mike and I got married in a book store in New York City last October. Instead of settling down, we decided to pick up and go traveling. We didn't really do a honeymoon, although we went up to Woodstock for two days while Hurricane Sandy hit. You can read about the wedding and that crazy experience here.

The idea to travel started as a harmless text, a joke not to be taken seriously, that we both knew was serious. As our imaginations wandered, the trip got bigger and bigger until we decided this was an experience we really wanted as we started our lives together as newlyweds. The more we have let go and trusted that if we took the right steps, the universe would provide, the more things have fallen into place. So much so, that we will be leaving the country in 11 days! It did not really hit me until last Monday and it still doesn't feel quite real. Probably because the last month has been about leaving our jobs and moving out of our apartment and pushing away any feelings of sadness about leaving the neighborhood we had been settling into quite comfortably.  Closing accounts, canceling memberships, and spending time with people we won't see for who knows how long! It still feels far away, but its the little things, like a card from coworkers that make it feel, quite literally, at my fingertips.


daleboca said...

Yay! you are back, ironically, right before leaving.... please make sure to post when you can or at least email a few lines. we will really miss you. we are all super jealous as well- the world awaits! now that mike's mug is on this puppy you should make him post as well yo!

Berto Gandara said...

I can imagine the stress to getting ready and plus that you guys want to do is have everything in carry-on! All the best on getting ready and good travels! Berto and Hugh

Erin said...

Double Yay! Yay for blogging and yay for traveling!

Sorry we missed you on Saturday, but we are excited that the next time we see you, it will be in Istanbul!

Thinking of you as you pack and up and make the final arrangements... Good luck and safe travels until we see you. And let us know if you still need space to store anything. You are of more than welcome to take up space here ;)

Carmen said...

so nice to see a new post, and as daleboca said, a new pic including mike! you will be very much missed and envied. we need to get an itinerary, or at least an address or rough estimate of where you will be sept 20th :)

daleboca said...

and oct 27 yo!

daleboca said...

i love this new background!
just got home. thank you for lovely note and wine. so glad you could stay.