Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Six Things I Believe To Be True

1. A groundhog knows nothing about how long a fucking winter is going to be. 60 degrees and flats yesterday, 40 degrees and wool coat today.

2. I really need to learn from my own mistakes and so does everyone else. Advice is futile.

3. My happiness directly correlates with how quickly I can accept uncertainty in life and how deftly I adapt to change.

4. A cheese and olive plate will always feel like a special treat.

5. We should all do one thing of service to others and one thing of service to ourselves everyday. It could be as easy as offering up a subway seat in the morning and flossing your teeth at night.

6. It is important to unplug. It is important to be out of touch to get back in touch and re-engage with the world on life's terms, not mine.

It's been a nice break! Happy Almost Spring! (Mother Nature, you tease.)

1 comment:

Carmen said...

yes! and welcome back!