Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Because There Is The Color Purple

A friend of mine tried to recall a quote the other day. She said, "How does it go? You know there is a God because there is a color purple?"

There is a reference to this idea in the book, The Color Purple.  It is hard to see the beautiful in this world after the events in Boston. Maybe impossible. It is hard to look at the society we live in and not feel frightened. It is hard to turn off the television and give the victims and their families some dignity. It is more than hard to understand and impossible to comprehend the hate that is everywhere.

But for today, I choose to see the love. For today, I choose to welcome purple and pink buds. For today, I choose to pay attention to the people helping, as Mr. Rogers once pointed out. For today, I choose to see a big light on BAM that professes New York's love for Boston. For today, I choose to count my blessings and be grateful for this life. For today, I choose to love, to the best of my ability, in all things I do.

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Carmen said...

yes! today i am looking forward to seeing YOU!