Friday, April 12, 2013

An Action of The Soul

The other night, I heard a women describe love as an action of the soul. When I was 26, a friend of mine who was weeks away from dying said to me, Do you know what it's all about? You have to love everyone. At the time, I remember thinking that was impossible. I disliked so many people. My resentments were deep, my pain plenty.  My understanding of love was to take care of someone. How could I take care or care for people I disliked?

That woman followed up her statement with liking people is an action of the emotions.  For the first time, I understood what my friend had said to me almost six years ago. Love is not about taking care of someone, although sometimes it can mean that. I don't have to like someone to love them. But I can act on account of my soul as opposed to my mind. I can be kind, even towards the people who are rude to me or I feel don't deserve it. And I can get there if I take some of those actions for myself, too, like maybe an overdo haircut, or a walk through Prospect Park, or five minutes during my day where I sit in silence and just listen. The more love I give to myself, the more I don't need the ego. The more I nourish this body, this mind, this soul, the more free I become to move through the world leading with soul and not my story- the story that I tell myself of who I am.

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