Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hiking Without Shoes

Last weekend, Mike suggested we get out of the city and go for a hike. Having been cooped up in the apartment for days with some form of tonsillitis, I felt well enough to get lost for a couple hours and the weather was practically kidnapping me to come outside. We woke up early, bought a hard salami and a block of cheese and two oranges, and drove an hour out of the city up near Bear Mountain.

As we winded our way along Route 106 we took note of the several inches of snow on the ground. We had been convinced most of it must have felted with the warm temperatures the day before. As I looked down at my mesh top sneakers, we shrugged it off, thinking the trail might be packed enough it would be okay. But when we parked and saw two cross country skiers wave as they passed us, we burst out realizing how under-equipped we were - we, who met at a wilderness tripping camp over a decade ago. But alas! That did not stop us. We carried on and found a nice lake with a closed but neatly plowed road to walk along and we did brave the 5-inch deep snow path towards the lake where we smashed snowballs against its frozen surface.  The hike did not look at all what we hoped for, but I suppose the hike wasn't really what the trip was all about.

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Erin said...

This is right near where Christina and I are going backpacking this summer. We are doing the NY section of the AT in June and it summits Bear Mountain and then crosses the river. Looks lovely!

Spontaneous trips are always the best. Glad you two got some time out of the city.

Also - I loved your post on married life the other day. Made me tear up ;) You guys are a great pair!