Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Weezer, A Breakup, A Misfired Kiss, & Helpful Friends : The First Time I Fell in Love

West 4th Subway Station near NYU; Today's Prompt - First Love
After my first year at college in Los Angeles, I transferred to NYU, a move that was inspired by a little  HUGE push by my dear friend, Morgan @the818. I had been accepted into the Tisch School of the Arts for Dramatic Writing, just a couple floors away from the film and television department where Morgan was. Morgan immediately inducted me into her new group of friends which consisted of filmmakers, screenwriters, cinematographers, and occasionally an actor or two.

I tried to get into the same housing building as Morgan's but NYU had run out of space and ended up placing me in this crazy modern high rise down on Water Street that forever tainted my perspective of New York City living. To this day, it is still the largest apartment I have ever lived in. While I missed out on lots of cool girls bonding time, all of the boys from Morgan's group of friends had been placed at Water Street, as well.

The first time I fell in love was on a late night walk from Morgan's dormitory in Chinatown to my sweet apartment at Water Street with a cute filmmaker who had a passion for indie music and was it Kubrick or Polanski? The only thing I really remember is debating the latest Weezer album which he found to be a beautiful love letter to their fans and I found to be overproduced. I'd never really had a boyfriend up until that point. I would go on a few dates and then lose interest or shy away from the relationship. In many ways, I was just kind of a later bloomer. This was the first guy I didn't feel afraid of and when we started dating, it was pretty awesome. But, whether it was pressure from our friends ( a bet, if I remember correctly) or just my natural instinct to run away right when things started to get serious, I broke up with him after a few weeks. But, since it only had been a few weeks, we stayed friends and those late night walks continued as did many late night adventures at water street with movies and parties and general hanging out.

A month later, a friend from high school wanted to set me up with a friend of hers. It was my first and last blind date. I met this young man at Union Square and we went to see Requiem For A Dream, which remains the second most disturbing film I've ever seen (right after Mysterious Skin). We got pizza and he taught me how to ride in between the subway cars, and feeling adventurous I agreed to take a trip on the Staten Island Ferry with him. I ended up at his place where he kissed me and I found myself thinking about my friend back at Water Street. It hit me that this was not the guy I wanted to be kissing. I don't remember how I got back to the ferry, probably an awkward drive I have since blocked out. But I remember calling Morgan and saying that I think I still really liked that friend at Water Street. I went back to her dorm where all the girls crowded onto Morgan's bed and we talked about my dilemma, which another friend suggested maybe wasn't a dilemma at all.

I don't remember how exactly we got back together, but if I look to the professional storytellers that we were surrounded by at the time, I think we may have had a little help from our friends.

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