Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Sky Is The Limit

Lake Dunmore & Mt. Moosalamoo, Vermont

I heard a great story over the weekend about a man who was unemployed and refused to take a job because it was just too "beneath" him. A friend then asked him, "How miserable do you want to be? The sky is the limit!"

I never believed happiness was a choice. But the more I focus on myself and what I want for my life, the more I build a supportive community of friends and artists, and the more I avoid gossip and try hard to let go of negative thinking patterns, the more I believe it is a choice. I think I am happy as I make my mind up to be. And if I let my day get ruined because of a difficult personality, then that is on me.

I have been down because as of tonight, my vacation is officially over. But if I want it, there can be no end to this "dread" about going back to work. And the truth is, I have a terrific boss and I work in a great community. I have a job, which is something to be grateful for. If I look for the sunshine, I will feel warmth no matter what.

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