Thursday, January 17, 2013

"Tell Me Why You Love Water..."

A friend posted that request on facebook yesterday and I felt like it was the most beautiful thing I heard all day. While I feel a special connection to fire and flame, mountain is where I find my zen and water is where I find my healing. I love water because it can carry me. As a person who tends to take on more than she can handle and often holds more than she can carry, nothing feels as freeing than jumping into a body of water and finally feeling the heaviness of my body and my worries release. I love water because it cleans me and even if I don't have soap, I still feel clean after a dip in a lake or a pool. I love water because if I remember to drink it, my mood becomes noticeably better - a natural combat to my natural irritability. I love water because it makes us all like children in that same way that as adults we can still get excited about picking out an ice cream flavor or braving a rollercoaster, the glee of filling a water balloon or the laughter followed when we accidentally spit it out.

I have always lived on a coast and have often wished to live in a beach town with a  home on the actual beach. The images of the Jersey Shore after Hurricane Sandy have made that less appealing to me now, a reminder about how devastating and powerful a force it can be, too. I love water because of the way it feels not just on my skin, but in it, as if it can soak me all the way through and sometimes that's exactly what I need.


Carmen said...

ooooh. i like the question prompt!

Malone said...
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Malone said...

I love this! Thank you for responding! It helps so much to reach out for friendly brainpower!