Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Modern Love Rejection

Yesterday I received a rejection email from the New York Times Modern Love section which is why this post (click here) is now back up on my blog. After writing that post-wedding post I felt that I wanted to dig a little further and turned it into an essay with a lot more meat and my experience of living in the aftermath of having a wedding the day before a huge natural disaster that wiped out the New Jersey and New York coastline. Would I be lying if I said I was not disappointed about getting this rejection? Of course, but in truth I also felt huge relief. I'm never quite sure if things can be published if I have already written about the topic on the blog and part of me just wanted to put the post back up. The email was graciously written, one of the better rejection letters I have received, but I mean c'mon -- it's the Times, baby! The letter also was a little nudge, a reminder to myself about what I said I would do more of in 2013 - submit essays and memoirs and stories!!! I'm looking for writing contests, submission guidelines, guest blogging, I'm looking to write 'cause I got a few stories to tell. Any and all leads are welcome!

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SteveB said...

Well good for you for submitting the post -- I remember that one and really liked it.

I always read "Modern Love" -- though so few people seem happy, I'm not sure why I do. :)