Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Bring It, 2013!

Courtney snow-shoeing 2013
I finished 2012 with lots of playing in the snow - snow-shoeing for the first time, sledding in the dark and fireworks over a frozen lake in Vermont with friends and my husband.  Mike and I have big plans for 2013 and so for this year's new years resolution I'd like to focus on one thing - courage. Courage to see what scares me and accept it instead of talking myself out of something or "rationalizing." Courage to walk through what is uncomfortable and to know this too shall pass. Courage to save money for the travel plans we have. Courage to trust that there is a bigger plan in store for me and more will be revealed. Courage to have faith and not a little, but a lot. Courage to say I'm sorry when I'm wrong and to speak up when I am wronged. Courage to be kind and more open. Courage to write every day. Even if it is one sentence, courage to give that to myself every day. Courage to love big, forgive freely and play as much as possible.

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daleboca said...

i think of you as VERY courageous already!