Monday, January 7, 2013

A Day Without Internet

It's amazing what my day looks like without an internet connection. Maybe I don't have ADD. Maybe I just have too much access to bullshit. I returned to work today to learn that our internet connection was broken. The only page I could successfully open was my gmail account which is running about as fast as me running to the gym right now. (That's a joke, get it?) And I am typing this blog post on Notepad which I will eventually copy and paste. Has anyone out there in cyber land used that internet-free program called Freedom? I'm kind of curious about giving myself some boundaries around internet time, because I can make just about anything toxic with all my little compulsions. But if there is something out there that will limit my time on the internet, is it possible I may be more productive with the time I do have? Is it also possible I may
spend time writing essays as opposed to blog posts? Is that an exercise in futility considering it is 2013 and everything is going online anyhow?

But I digress...did I tell you I have started writing morning pages? Yes, as in, ink to paper? I didn't want to tell you in case I didn't keep up with it but now maybe I have to. In my pages of just randomness, I also managed to write down what I thought I might be scared of today followed up by what I'm
grateful for. It turns out that part of my crankiness might have been fear that I did not get enough sleep last night to get through today. I went to bed at 11p.m. and at 1:17 a.m. I was still wide awake. I tried everything - breathing exercises, prayers, that yoga relaxation pose and NOTHING worked. Another reason I may
have to limit internet time. I think unplugging two hours before bed might be in store for me. And when I say unplug I mean all of it - email, checking my phone, texting, television...It just feels right to pull away a bit. As for blogging, I'm best in the morning with that anyway.

I still have not really thought about New Years Resolutions other than courage. But I'm wondering what other people's are? Anyone out there have an interesting resolution that doesn't include the gym or going gluten-free?


Erin said...

Yes to no internet!! I have two interrelated new year's resolutions: (1) be less anxious and more confident; and (2) use my time more wisely. The latter includes scheduling periods of no internet use into my day. I won't use a blocker program, but I do completely x-out of my internet browser, since having to open it and sign in is enough of a check on my use (at least I think it is for now). I am also introducing scheduled breaks into my workdays (for yoga, meditation, walks, something away from my desk), which I think will reduce anxiety and make my working time more productive (further reducing anxiety ;)). I've also started unplugging at least an hour before bed. I can already sense the difference this makes!

Lindsey said...

I like the idea of scheduled breaks and definitely need to start unplugging!