Thursday, January 24, 2013

20 Small Things I Love, Love, Love

20. When I see my godsons after far too long and get tackled with hugs

19. This co-worker's laugh

18. When Mike surprises me with coffee from Deluxe

17. When flying home, I start to see the twinkling lights of the San Fernando Valley

16. Getting into bed with fresh sheets

15. When the lights dim just before your movie starts

14. The smell of oil cooked popcorn

13. Watching B, done up to the nines, quickly and efficiently corral her three boys

12. When Mike gives me a hug and kisses my head

11. The way my Aunt Gail folds clothes and the way they smell

10. Warm bread baskets that come before your meal

9. Google

8. Waking up to a clean apartment

7. The first warm day of spring

6. When baristas make that cool heart design in my lattes

5. When someone compliments one of my tattoos that I have long forgotten about

4. My new moisturizer from Kiehl's

3. Watching my dad tell a story to a group of people, especially stories from the family run hotel back in the day

2. Seeing one of my brother's commercials come on TV

1. A nap

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