Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Apology

Since receiving his diagnosis, the world had ironically become brighter to Comet. His pressing problems seemed to vanish. He would be alright, but still, Comet couldn’t help but reflect on his life. If he were to die today how would he be remembered? Would he have any regret?


Comet sprinted through the woods at such speed he almost crash landed in her front living room.

“Well, look what the cat drug in?” she laughed while folding her newspaper.

“Donner,” he huffed and puffed, “it was my fault…why we failed…did I ever tell you I was sorry?”

 “I’m not the one you need to apologize to, handsome.” Donner smiled at her bewildered ex-husband.

“Who else? I was terrible to you,” Comet admitted.

She laughed. “You never were the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree!”

But Comet still didn’t get it.

“Yourself, dummy!”

Comet furrowed his brow with confusion.

“You were a bastard, but you were more terrible to yourself. All that boozing and philandering…you’re lucky you’re still around, ” she said.

Comet thought to tell her but refrained. “I was in a dark place.”

“Oh, please! You were in love…just not with me.”

Comet’s eyes widened.

“What you think I didn’t notice?” she laughed. “We don’t call you Comet ‘cause you’re fast at running.”

She picked her newspaper back up. “Maybe if you finally grew some balls, you might finally get who you really want a romp in the haystack with.”


Anonymous said...

Comet doesn't have a clue. Neither do I. Who's it gonna be?

SteveB said...

Wow -- who knew the North Pole had such unhappy reindeer??