Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Good Buddies

Cupid admired her new nose ring while Blitzen cleaned up his counter.

“I didn’t even feel that one,” she said.

“Cause I’m quick.”

She pecked her old friend on the cheek and tried to pay but he refused as usual. Just after she left his piercing parlor, the bell above the door rang.

“You forget something?” he called out

“Kind of,” a buck’s voice responded.

Blitzen froze as he turned to see Comet.

“I forgot my manners,” Comet continued.

Blitzen could feel his knees shake. It had been eleven months since they had taken their last ride together.

“I’m sorry, Blitz.”

“For what? We had a good ride and then, you know, that’s how it goes… you do your own thing. Go back to your regular life until the boss calls next year."

Comet approached him carefully and nervously, his head hung.

“What if I don’t like my regular life?”

Blitzen could feel his stomach drop.

“What about D? You guys were good together?” Blitzen choked out.

Comet laughed. “I was a bastard to D! But I’ve made my peace with all that. Hell, she’s part of the reason I’m here…even she knew.”

Blitzen fumbled for something, anything to keep his hoovess busy. “Knew that we were good buddies?
Everyone knew that!” He nervously laughed.

Comet lowered his antlers and pushed his nose next to Blitzen. “Blitz...”

Blitzen looked into those big brown eyes and finally locked antlers in the dark.


SteveB said...

I hear the Supreme Court's gonna make that okay everywhere. Good for them! :)

Anonymous said...

Talk about Christmas cheer! We both wrote romance. :)