Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things

1. When your sock slips down in your boot and you finally get a minute to pull that sucker up right.

2. A toothpick and a wet napkin after eating BBQ.

3. When your phone lights up with a "Like" from a recent Instagram shot.

4. The little foamy heart Andy puts on my CafĂ© au lait at De Luxe Coffee Shop.

5. Clementines.

6. When running around the bend on the northeast corner of Prospect Park and catching that scent of evergreen that is only really noticeable in that specific part of the park.

7. A good, loooooooooooong, foot rub.

8. My godsons - all three of them, but especially when they call me "Sucker!"

9. When a kid tries to give you a kiss but french kisses your nose instead.

10. The first day of Spring when you can walk outside without a coat.

11. Christmas lights.

12. A new email.

13. Cleaning your ears out. By far one of the most satisfying personal grooming habits.

14. Vanilla and coconut cupcakes.

15. That moment in a song when you feel moved to sing along with the artist.

16. Dance floors of any kind especially when they play anything from The Hangover Soundtrack.

17. When Mike stops me from crossing the street when he sees a car coming and thinks I won't see it.

18. A swim in the ocean.

19. A run down the mountain when the powder is so light and fluffy it sounds like your surfing on silk.

20. A phone call with my Dad. 

These are a few of my favorite things... How about you?

1 comment:

Carmen said...

ooh! i like these!!
i agree with so many - like the moment you feel compelled to sing along to a song
swimming into the ocean
and xmas lights!
i would add taking my shoes off when i get home
freshly shaved legs
back rubs
dancing (especially with erk)
the end of a hike or run
making babies laugh
saying the same thing at the exact same time as my sister
pasta and cream