Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My Very Simple Reasons Why I Voted For Obama: A Warrior For The Middle Class

Because if you are a woman and Mitt Romney wins you may lose your reproductive rights meaning -no abortion AND possibly no IVF. (Check out Ryan's Sanctity of Human Life Act)

Because Obama passed national healthcare coverage.

Because Obama actually killed the man responsible for 9/11.

Obama ended the war in Iraq.
My polling place at 8a.m.

Obama is not perfect, but he he means what he says.

Because a community organizer is always more in touch with the people than a millionaire businessman.

Because Romney straight up called 47% of people (the people he believes wouldn't vote for him) victims and people who feel entitled to healthcare and housing.

Today, President Obama played basketball with Scottie Pippen. He plays basketball on election days, a superstition he truly believes in. i.e. He is a real human being.

The only tears I've seen Obama cry are today in Iowa when he thanked all of the people that have helped him with this campaign.

My polling place 30 minutes later - angry and excited
Because I heard way too many Republicans (including Ryan) talk about their various definitions of rape. Rape is rape. Period. It is alway violent.

Because I truly don't believe Romney or the Republican party gives a shit about me - a woman with student loan debt.

Because top-down economics still doesn't make any sense to me. Because the country is hurting so bad, HOW does a tax cut for corporations and the 1% help the country grow?

Because Romney spoke to the American people like we were stupid and more than flip-flopped on nearly everything on his platform, most notable where he stood with the automobile industry bail-out.

Because I like my presidents real and although I am sure there is corruption and stretched facts possibly  lies on Obama's side, at his core he is a man that has spent his life working for the people. Because I will vote against social conservatism every day of the week. Because Romney admitted that human rights are not a priority for him unless serving American interests. Because change is messy and imperfect but progress takes patience and I have another four years of it. 

Me after I voted
I no longer question if it counts, but rather feel grateful
for the chance to have my voice noted and proud that I
exercise my hard fought right to do so.



daleboca said...

go go go!!!

SteveB said...

It was a good election night for sanity, I think. Obama hasn't been perfect, but anyone that can keep the auto industry from collapsing, get us out of war, get Bin Ladin, and have slow, pass the ACA, work for LGBT right, and steady growth in the economy? Pretty easy call.

The GOP completely torpedoed themselves with the 47% and "rape nuancing" among a lot of centrist voters. And I think the voter suppression crap they tried in several states got people angry enough that they were willing to make the extra effort to vote.

Lindsey Anthony-Bacchione said...

I feel like what is representing the Republican party now is not even what true Republicans were/are about. It not about fiscal conservatism only social conservatism and this summer made them look horrendous with the examples you stated. Ditto to your comment.