Tuesday, November 20, 2012

"Love of Beauty is Taste..."

I love Thanksgiving. I dare say it is my favorite holiday because it's based on two of my favorite things in life: food and gratitude. I have tried to make a conscious effort to start every morning this week with a mental gratitude list and one of the things I am most grateful for in this world are my friends, and I have good taste.The one featured above in this beautiful video is my friend and Tuesday Treat, Jenny Ziomek. Jenny and I met a few years ago at a mutual friend's going-away party. We stayed in touch with one random coffee date and a year later she was working at my school. Two years later Jenny designed my wedding invitation and over the summer she moved to California to pursue her art full time. Every year her brother throws an annual Halloween party where you have to perform or present something. This was Jenny's contribution.

If you haven't check out her art, you can do so here and here and here or check out her blog, studyhallnyc.tumblr.com

Another one in my gratitude cornucopia whose creativity continually inspires me is one of my oldest friends, Morgan at the818.com, who really needs no introduction: mother, blogger, writer, director, creative extraordinaire.

Morgan and I have been friends since being forced to watch the movie KIDS at a sleep-over when we were 14. Someone snapped a picture of us on the couch, arms folded, thoroughly disturbed by the story unfolding before us. Morgan is that friend who makes you feel likesmart just for making friends with her so you could be near her creative genius. She missed her kid's first year attempt at trick our treating because she was stranded in New York after my wedding and Hurricane Sandy. But she didn't complain once and instead got me to go to Coney Island with her days after the storm. The wheels are always turning. She also, along with Tara, did this to my honeymoon suite the night of my wedding. 
Photo cred @the818
And on her kick-ass blog she posts cool tutorials, all of which have upped by Instagram game and helped make me a better iPhonographer. If you want to learn some basic instagram tips and tricks, check out this easy to understand tutorial.

Of course, there is Tara (also a creative genius with ovaries of steel), who is simply one of those friends I could not do without. 

Over the past 12 years, Tara and I have only be in physical proximity to each other for 6 months is LA when we were freshman year roommates second semester of college and a year and half in NYC. Our paths keep weaving in and out but no matter where we are, I don't think either one of our journeys would be complete without the honesty and love and laughter we each give the other. Tara is my life coach just by being Tara. 

And then there is this family...

Particularly those two mustachioed beauties, Carmen and daleboca. My friendship with Carmen, (the dancer, the clown, the performer and amazing gymnastics teacher) started over our love for Krispy Kreme doughnuts and now includes 11 years of sister-like love, complete with crying fights and growing pains, a road trip around the country, lots of nudity, many, many laughs and that push and pull of a friendship that moves each other along their own paths kind of like a coal mine car pumping its way along the tracks. And then there is daleboca (film, language, mothering and food critic expert), who has made my life so much bigger. Whether it was giving me Spanish lessons, or treating me like an aunt to her children, or passionate film debates over fresh baked Italian bread, this family has made life on the Eastern seaboard a home away from home. If you haven't checked out one of her film reviews, prepared to get schooled here.

There's these two nuts, Danielle (to the left) who I have known since I was 12 and infuses my life with humor and music...so much amazing music! And Sarah (to the right) who I have known for four years, who also fills my life with humor and competition because she kicks ass at every sport she touches.

There's this bag of nuts that collectively all traveled from places like Vermont, Oregon, California, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Colorado and Indiana to come to our wedding. This brood is full of one thing: LOVE. So much love. Love for each other and love for children and teaching and building and love for making this world better. I've never had a group of friends more positive and inspiring than this.

And these handsome guys who are all enigmas because they are all gorgeous and yet some of the kindest people I know. One of them is my husband, one is my brother, and the other is my brother from another mother. Shaun and Sam are both extremely talented actors. Hey Hollywood, gives these guys a break, will ya?

Photo Cred by Erin
These clowns - Erin, Jeff and Ziggy, give me so much laughter and Erin, so much wisdom. I feel a kinship with that Yogi I just can't seem to put words to. And Pat, the definition of a loyal friend. Monica, Lena, Tom, Joe - the writer, the herbalist, the professor, the artist. An afternoon with these folks and my soul feels restored.

And that crazy crew from Hazlet. Mike's friends from high school, all just really good people who love big and celebrate even bigger. All musicians and businessmen and cooks and techies and so many of them now parents. They have always been so damn welcoming and down to earth. Even though we rarely see them, I love this crew. 

Photo cred Summer

Photo cred Summer
Photo cred Eric
Photo Cred Summer
Oh and this little family of mine who came all the way from California - these guys are HUGE on my gratitude list. They are really more like brothers and sisters, moms and dads, then cousins and aunts and uncles. They are a big part of the reason I am who I am today and why our wedding was so damn fun!

My mom, the OG crafter who I am now realizing is responsible for instilling my love of hot glue guns and glitter and my brother's girlfriend, Lauren, an actress with a natural comedic timing and the best pie-baker I have ever know, are some of the gifts in my life that keep surprising me.  

And have I told you about my new family?

 I know, right? Fun, loving, and all great cooks! So much to be grateful for!

And then there is this guy...
My Dad (photocred @the818)
Me and my dad
At the after party of my wedding, a friend said to me, "Your dad is the slickest motherfucker out there!" He is pretty slick. Our father/daughter dance was to the Beach Boys "God Only Knows" because the truth is I don't think either of us would know what we'd be without the other.

So, when I started this post, I only meant to write about Jenny and then I thought maybe I'd include some of my other creative friends who have stuff online and then it just became this rolling gratitude list. If there is ever a time to do one it is now. And if you are getting sick of wedding pictures, I apologize...but I'm sure there will be more to come! A big THANK YOU to my friends and family who have made my life a thing of beauty. 

And to this guy...my thoughts exactly.


Unknown said...

Great Post! That picture of your dad is so cool! I think I'm going to snitch it and send it to my folks. Love, Margot

Lindsey said...

Thanks, Margot!

The818 said...

I. love. you.

Carmen said...

what a great post! that last picture is amazing