Friday, October 5, 2012

Hey LA....Check out Jenny's Art Show

A couple of months ago, a soul sister of mine decided to take a break from New York City and moved to Los Angeles for a while. She moved into a Los Feliz bungalow, reconnected with family, and started producing so much work! You may remember her, the lovely Tuesday Treat, Jenny Ziomek, who still remains one of my most read posts and my guess is that's because of all of her beautiful illustrations and drawings. Jenny also was the illustrator behind my wedding invitation...

... not to mention she was my partner in crime during an epic letterpress marathon. But for real, Jenny's work always makes me feel good. Her colorful illustrations make me feel as if I am taking a breath of fresh air. There is a lightness to them, even a touch of whimsy. But what I love most about her LA drawings is how she has captured its ethereal qualities in scenes where I wouldn't normally experience that. Even though she is a transplant, I think her experience in New York City has helped her quickly unearth some of the core "LA-ness" that is that sprawling metropolis.

So in short, if you live in LA, go see her show this Saturday, October 6th from 2 -5 at Mornings Nights at 1523 Griffith Park Blvd. because you will feel lighter afterwards and because like everything in LA, I'm sure it's only twenty minutes away from wherever you are.

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Anonymous said...

The illustrations are lovely. Lucky you to have someone this talented take such an intimate role in your wedding preparations. :)