Monday, October 1, 2012

Have You Met Blogdramedy?

[This is not a photo pf blogdramedy, but I imagine this is what she wears when doing housecleaning]
I have to admit, I have lost a little steam with the blogging world. Real life has been very busy and I have been neglecting the community I love so dearly - the blogging community. I used to browse a couple blogs a day. I commented, I retweeted, I shared on facebook. But lately, I have not been doing anything. And I'm realizing that it's just not good for me. The times when I think, I just can't give that any more of my attention are the times when I probably need to step outside myself. Thankfully, I do subscribe to blogs, and one that I consistently get emails from is the lovely blogdramedy. After reading her post this morning, I felt that some attention/gratitude paid was due.

I have never met blogdramedy in person but we met over the internet and through our blogs last year when I participated in her very fun and inspiring BlogFestivus writing challenge.  12 stories, 12 days, only 144 words a piece (12x12) and each had to include the correlating subject from the Twelve Days of Christmas. I think some of my favorite writing on this blog came from that fictional challenge. Sometimes Blogdramedy will think of me on Fridays on Twitter and give me a #FF (Follow Friday) and I'm sure I've found some new followers or maybe even readers because of her efforts. She has even had me guest blog on her blog, another piece of mine that I felt proud of (which for me, is something I don't always feel). She does right by her readers and for that her readers do right by her. But, even better, she writes about writing, too, and always has some snippet of inspiration to keep the creative juices flowing...not to mention, I love her writing! She asks the really important questions like: Do you think Mitt Romney was more concerned that Jesus was married or gay? or Do you think the band Earth, Wind and Fire left out "water" on purpose? She has the kind of voice that makes me think we would really get along in real life. And with that I'd like to introduce you to the fabulous blogdramedy: attention must be paid. (@blogdramedy)


Anonymous said...

As usual, I'm late to the party and have arrived without a hostess gift in hand. This is bad!

In exchange for your kind words in today's post, consider this an invitation to guest blog on Blogdramedy once again. I'm starting up a new series called Cross-Blogging...details are slim right now as I work out the whys and wheres but as soon as I know what's what, I'll add a widget to my sidebar with more information. In the meantime, expect to be featured in a BOOBS! post soon. After I take care of 1PointPerspective. That man persistent. :)

Anonymous said...

How did you know I wear those exact same shoes while cleaning the toilet? Do you have a spy cam aimed in my general direction? They work great at getting the grout clean in the shower, too. :)

Thanks so much for featuring me on Rewind was a totally unexpected treat and aren't those the best kind? *grin*