Friday, September 28, 2012

Reason #87 Why I Love Mike

He does shit like this. Do you know what this is? Erin and Jeff, I'm looking at you. This is a picture of home-canned tomatoes. That's right, he stewed them, peeled them and canned them and now there are four of these sitting on our counter at home. Even though the pressure gauge wasn't working and has been twice replaced, these babies sealed and another one of Mike's random hobbies sits in another corner of our tiny apartment. But don't you live in New York City? I hear you asking. Why, yes. Not just New York City, but Brooklyn where from my bedroom window I can look out at the local Italian Mozzarella & Pasta store. Even if we found ourselves snowed in by 6 feet, we could still drop the fire escape and run across to pick up a jar of sauce. We may not be able to get emergency help or purchase a shovel, but there would be no shortage of pasta and wine.

Yesterday, while Mike was at work AGAIN because he now works about 60 hours a week and I was home elbow deep in embossing and doing wedding stuff since we have T-minus 29 days to go, I went to a get a glass of water in the kitchen and I caught myself laughing as I looked at these jars of potential Botchalism. He did this about two weeks ago, but there they sit, his creative energies thrown into canning, ensuring that in the event that we are starving, stranded, and very hungry in New York City, we will have jars of tomatoes to make a wicked sauce.

In other corners of our apartment sit longboards cause for a while he made and sold those. In another corner is a borrowed steam cleaner because he is going to deep clean our couch. Other corners include a busted stool he intends on fixing, three or four wireless keyboards and lots of old laptops, because he also built his computer and can do things like that. Our apartment is rigged with home-made surround sound through speakers and split wires he ties together, computers that play shows off the internet onto our television so we don't have to pay for cable and a recycled blu-ray player, dvd player and stereo receiver to play anything we want at whatever volume we want. Would you like to hear the show How I Met Your Mother while you chop onions in the kitchen? You got it. Blast Adele through the entire apartment building? Good morning, neighbors! Watch Jon Stewart's Daily Show at anytime of the day? Goodbye, Saturday night!  The man is a tinkerer. He tinkers and toys and needs a two story workshop just to house his goddamn hobbies. And even though I often get frustrated when I find things like a life-size real-as-shit Darth Vader mask/helmet nestled against my streamlined matching white Ikea mesh folders, I can't help but love the bizarro that is Mike. He is a man of a thousand interests and a million talents. And while we may never have an organized house and it may always look like the both of us just got out of college, (I, too, have a milk crate on the floor of the office filled with old plays and essays I've written) I'm excited to build a home with him that no matter where you look, no matter which corner you stand, you will find at the very least, an interesting conversation starter.


daleboca said...

love it! j asks me every day when you can get married so Mike can over and teach him to skateboard!

Erin said...

yes! glad to hear you are putting it to use (although sad that the gauge keeps breaking!).
i spent way too many hours this week boiling, peeling, chopping, squeezing, cooking and canning tomato sauce!
last week it was green beans. this sunday it's applesauce.
harvest season it is!

Carmen said...

i want to learn how to can! maybe i can go over to daleboca's and we can have a double playdate/lesson