Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ode to My Single Self: A Birthday Reflection

Another year, another marker. Last year, I actually did not blog on my birthday. I blogged the day before about Things I Learned In My Twenties and the day after about The First Day of My Decade. The year before, I mused about turning 29 and on my actual birthday just wished Mike a Happy Birthday, since, yes, we share the same birthday, but he was turning 30, so it seemed like a bigger deal. This year, I made it to 31! H-O-L-Y  S-H-I-T. Why does this feel so much older than 30? And yet, I have to admit, I feel pretty good to be gliding into my 30s, despite the many surprising "gifts" along the way which include one black chin hair (there I said it- what the fuck is that about?!!), skin biopsies and stretch marks, but you can read about those gems here. But last weekend, was my bachelorette weekend which also was a bit of a soulful women's retreat. There was good food and drink, there was a sing-along to Salt-n-Pepa's Shoop, and there were cartwheels on the beach.  There was soul-searching discussions on what's in a name and talks about parents and patterns, relationships and sex, finding ourselves at 30 and into our 30s and being grateful none of us got married in our twenties. We talked careers and passions and confusions, faith and ambition, children and the option of not becoming a mother, too. There were gut-busting laughs and tears from those laughs. There were tacos and tequila. 31 seems like a birthday not worth celebrating. I mean, once you hit 30, the next big one is 40. But for me, 31 is my last birthday as a "single" woman. My last birthday before I "take the plunge." So in the spirit of reflection, I have created an Ode to My Single Self...

Once you were free from promise or ring
A tough bitch in boots
With nothing but a pierced tongue for bling

You liked many a boy
And even loved a few
But never knew Cupid's ploy
For how you'd get together with your boo

It took not once, but twice
to make your relationship stick
But let's be honest here
You always knew he was your pick

Not state nor travels, ex-es nor time
Could keep you from a love
Nothing short of sublime
You might sometimes miss the days of being young and free
But you will never tire of hearing, "The redhead; She's with me."

There once was a time you never thought you'd be a wife
You dreamed of travels and love affairs
"A Different Kind of Life"
And yet, here you stand,31 with a wedding on the way
and yet still, "a different kind of life," I'd say
One more beautiful and brilliant than you ever could have dreamed
Even though marrying Eddie Vedder was possible, it seemed

Your friendships are abundant
On survival and recovery, you're a damn pundit
Your experiences have been rich
And you made it through everything without cast or stitch

Career, you have not
Nor mortgage nor child
But you found the right one
How Cupid beguiles!

So now here you are
Still wishing on stars
But at least there's one up in that sky
That now you can simply wish, "goodbye"

Mike, Happy Birthday to us! It's going to be an awesome year!

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Mike said...

Love the ode. And you. Can't wait to read an ode to your married self. How long will I have to wait for that? Happy birthday beautiful...