Wednesday, September 12, 2012

"H" is for Winners

So, while I have not been shy about my love for Instagram and am not afraid to post my shots on twitter, facebook, my blog, you name it, Mike is very much the opposite. He takes amazing shots and has lately decided to be a purist, not using filters and  capturing the most raw images he can. When I read about the818's helpful post on what to do with all of those instagram shots and introducing me to's awesome website which is how I put together my facebook timeline cover photo (as seen above) as well as my twiter background, I found this instagram photo contest hosted by phoozl where each week they go through the letter of the alphabet. (If the letter is "C" maybe you submit an awesome shot of a car.) I suggested to Mike he should try submitting. On his second submission, he won 3rd place for an amazing shot that has a really sweet significance. He called it "Star-Crossed Lovers" and the letter is "H." Check it out here and follow him on Instagram @danksdiggity or if you sign up for ink361 (which is awesome) you can check out his gallery here. You won't be disappointed. He's brilliant!

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