Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tramp Stamp Thursdays: The "It's Never Too Late For A Tramp Stamp" Tramp Stamp

Cristina, White Plains. NY
Tramp Stamp:
Swirly vines, flowers and know, the good stuff.

Time of Tramp Stamp: 
16,  18, 22?  nuh-uh...The big, bad, and beautiful 30s! 32 to be exact! In Cristina's own words "I was a late bloomer!! Oh well, better late than never right?" A tramp stamp lover after my own heart. What makes it even better is the motivation behind it. This was not some tequila-driven spring break mistake, this was a deliberate rebellion. This is a protest tramp stamp! Cristina is a lawyer and at the time, she wanted to cut loose! She said, "I was tired of the stuffiness of  practicing law and wanted to break out a bit." Brava!

Place of Tramp Stamp:
White Plains, NY at Big Joe & Sons Tattoo. (Naturally)

Cristina is an attorney and aspiring women’s fiction and freelance writer.  She also does volunteer fundraising for nonprofits and she has an awesome blog ( where she writes about women’s positive body image. Who doesn't love that?! Cristina is what I like to call a Tramp Stamp Triple Threat.

Tattoo Meaning:
While Cristina says that tattoo has no deep meaning, that she just thought it was pretty (and still likes it!) I disagree. I see this as a protest tattoo that reads: "Yeah, I got a tramp stamp at 32. Go fuck yourself!" Even the tattoo artist was worried she picked out something so big for her first time (it took 2.5 hours). But Cristina managed, even though she was literally shaking in pain by the time it was done. She said, "Yeah, I’m a wuss.  I only asked for one break though." Of course! She's a lawyer and one bad-ass one at that!!

Tattoo Goal: 

As Cristina puts it: Here to stay! She sometimes thinks of getting another one. Her brother tells her the “skank flank” is the new tramp stamp and to that Cristina said, "The rib cage? I’m thinking not so much."

Cristina, thank you for emailing me your tramp stamp story and for showing the world even lawyers at 32 get tramp stamps! Check out her awesome blog and while you are at it, send me your tramp stamp and skank flank stories!!! @rewindrevise or

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