Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Favorite Tweets From the RNC Last Night

Last night I watched the Republican National Convention and hopped onto Twitter and I don't think I will ever watch a debate or convention again without this running commentary. It was like watching it in a theatre with people shouting at the screen. Hilarious. Passionate. Informative. Controversial...Many bloggers have told me they don't talk politics online. I get it. The risk is great especially if you make a living off of it. You don't want to lose followers, etc...But I write this blog as a means of expression and during election time I can't help but be expressive about what I believe. I feel it would be a disservice for me to not express myself in regards to the upcoming election. I mean after all, isn't this blog about a woman finding her voice? And with that I give you my favorite tweets of last night...


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