Thursday, August 9, 2012

#BlogHer12 Breakdown

I came. I saw. I got tons of swag. But more than that I got inspired, I made friends, and I was moved to hear strangers had resonated with articles/blog posts I had written over the past year. It has been almost one year since BlogHer published one of the most difficult experiences of my life, but since that time tremendous amount of healing has happened because in essence it took the secrecy and the shame right out of it by making it public. The BlogHer 12 Conference gave me the courage to forge further ahead with this whole blogging thing but also the reassurance that all of this matters.
How I love
Who wants a Harley, now? I do! I do!
Okay, yeah, sometimes it may not seem like it because I write humorous bits on people's tramp stamps, but the truth is it's all about the same thing- healing, redemption, forgiving ourselves and embracing our true selves with all of our scars and tattoos and regrets and mistakes well earned. I learned that my blog is not just about survival and recovery, but forgiveness, acceptance, speaking up for people who were unjustly silenced, talking about the state of the union as well as the state of my impending nuptial union. When I attended the BlogHer Writing Conference in October 2012, I found myself sort of unsure and self-conscious about labeling my blog. I felt like I had no niche, no place. But having to force myself to talk with many, many women and a few men about my blog, about what I write, and about me, I felt like I walked away not with an answer but with acceptance. Rewind Revise is not a mom blog or a coupon blog or an entertainment blog. It's my blog. It's a blog about a woman finding her voice in this world and what can be more fierce than that?

So to all of the fabulous ladies I shared this past weekend with and to myself, most of all, BRAVA!
Sparklecorn...this is a cake

Fiercest shoes ever
Lunch with Martha Stewart

Johnson&Johnson Cares and So Should You!
Check out their philanthropic missions.

What it's all about...the writing and the community!


Carmen said...

brava indeed!

Unknown said...

Hi Lindsey,

We met at Blogher and I'm loving your blog! Your tramp stamp series is great. Check out my blog as well and let me know if you'd like me to contribute to your tramp stamp series, as I too, have a tramp stamp:)


Lindsey Anthony-Bacchione said...

Yes! I'm always looking for more Tramp Stamps!! Would love to profile you!