Monday, August 27, 2012

A Living Room With Two Couches

There is no just no other way to say it, express it, or photograph it. No cool camera app filter will make it look good or sane for that matter. Right now, Mike and I are living in a one-bedroom apartment with two couches.

For quite some time, Mike and I have been complaining about our couch, the one we saved our pennies for and was the first piece of furniture we bought together. We waited for that big Fourth of July sale at Raymour and Flanagans and took our time plopping ourselves down in various fashions on countless couches on the showroom floor. But when our butts hit the seats of this little guy and the price tag matched our budget, no ex- supermodel-turned-furniture-designer-couch could sway us. We loved that little green couch featured in the back there. But after two humid summers in Brooklyn with no central AC, we realized that the green couch was quite warm, to say the least. Sure, it was cozy and felt "slouchy" and was passable while we  I secretly dream of purchasing one of those behemoth pottery barn couches that start at about $3,000. But not only is the couch warm, but small. In our first Brooklyn apartment, the couch fit the space and the space only fit the two of us (also debatable). But once we moved into a larger space, the couch seemed a little small but we never host parties, right? So, it's okay, right? Na-uh. Surprisingly, that little green couch has seen a lot of visitors in the last few months and been the warm bed to friends and family from Vermont to Jersey to Indiana to California. So, when another friend posted they were getting rid of their slightly longer ivory West Elm couch, I responded in lightning speed that I wanted it. Later that night, and several trips up a fifth floor walk up (mostly all walked by Mike), we had that couch and were thrilled. We both made sure to take naps on it, and fold our bodies into all different twists just to make sure it was comfortable...But the more the truth about giving up our little suffocating green couch has become not only a reality but an impending decision we needed to make yesterday, the harder it is to part with out little cozy pottery-barn fill in. Sure, the material doesn't breathe and the stuffing is already coming out of one of the pillows and there's a badly sewn up-tear on the chaise, but aren't those also the characteristics that make it more comfortable, that make it more livable. Do I care if I spill spaghetti sauce on the green couch? No. Do I care if popcorn kernels go everywhere when we watch a movie? No. Do I care if it stains, or breaks, or soaks up our sweat during a disgustingly humid day? No. Or Maybe I just like seeing that little green couch, that I like knowing that we bought a couch together when we were in our twenties and even though it sucks, it's still our sucky couch.

And then I remember, it's just a couch. That there will be more days of flopping down on showroom furniture, and more laughs over popcorn fights on some torn couch, and better quality furniture we buy together that doesn't make us want to strip naked in the living room just to take a nap. (And for all of you have slept face down on this couch, don't worry. We don't actually take nude naps in the living room.)

Still no word on which couch to keep and in truth I have left the decision up to Mike because I don't want to make it. I could be happy with either and whether I miss the green couch this time around or years later, at least I have this picture of the time we had a living rom with two couches.


daleboca said...

you guys are crazy to have taken the second one without getting rid of the first.

just flip a coin. post the other on craig's list and make some money.
cash and carry yo. even if you get $50, it is more than nothing and it can be taken off your hands:0

Carmen said...

i wish we had just taken it from you - then your visits to philly could be multi-layered (to visit us and the couch)

daleboca said...

do you still have 2 couches??