Thursday, June 21, 2012

25 Things About Me

1. I have two museum memberships and I have not visited either since last July.
2. I just signed up for a third museum membership.
3. The only satisfaction I get from a manicure is chipping away at the nail polish three days later.
4. I have four tattoos, only two of which I really like.
5. No food comforts me more than a basket of chips and salsa...and maybe mint chocolate chip ice cream.  
6. On that note, I can make a mean guacamole and I think I'm lactose intolerant.
7. I rarely brush my hair.
8. I cannot watch a movie in the theatre without a bag of popcorn.
9. If I could have any super power it would be to wake up in the morning actually feeling refreshed.
10. I wish my feet were just a half size smaller or that shoe companies made sizes and three quarters.
11. My first concert, which was in the 7th grade, was Primus, and yes, it was totally bad ass.
12. On that note, I hope to never grow out of wearing Converse.
13. Some of the people I respect most in this life have  no idea what they want to do with their lives. Why I remain so hard on myself for also not knowing remains a mystery.
14. I have worn rainboots for three years and only this month have let myself actually walk through puddles.
15. My favorite Halloween candies are Mounds.
16. I did not know what cellulite was until I regrettably pointed out to a friend of mine that she had "cute dimples" on her legs. For selfish reasons, I still wish I didn't know what it was.
17. Whenever I go to a bakery, I pretend like I will try something new, but I always get the almond croissant.
18. This summer I am working on jumping into water rather than taking twenty painful minutes to slowly inch my way into submersion. The stomach still is the worst part.
19. I dust way too infrequently to post and spend most of that time wondering why my allergies are so bad.
20. I only have one framed picture in my apartment and it's of my Dad at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro.
21.  If I could have any artistic talent it would be a rock star musician.
22. I truly believe the man I'm going to marry is the hottest thing around.
23. Two years ago I bought a pair of shoes and as a promotional deal got signed up for a weekly subscription to US magazine. Despite it going against all of my feminist and moral beliefs, I've never been able to cancel it.
24. The more time I spend on the East coast the more I miss the West and see how superior it really is. I was wrong about four seasons. It's totally overrated.
25. On that note, I didn't know what a "fleece" was until I was nineteen years old and freezing my ass off in cotton.
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SteveB said...

I would never eat chips and salsa with mint-chip ice cream... oh, wait.

As someone that grew up on the east coast (NJ) and have become a Californian, I used to wax nostalgically about "the seasons" -- now I don't. Two feet of snow or 95% humidity days are more fun to remember than to participate in, and I've learned to appreciate the more subtle changes we have here throughout the year.

Unknown said...

I would lovelovelove to see that picture of Kevin on Mt. Kilimanjaro. Margot

daleboca said...

ooh, pass them US magazines along sister. i finally "gave up" my addiction (ie i did not renew but am desperate to read). you do make a mean guacamole. seasons are fabulous! i love these 25 lists. what is the third museum (and can i borrow cards to one and two):)? it's ok to not go and to support a cultural institution (not sure this applies to my gym membership- a straight up donation to the corporate gym world..)

Lindsey Anthony-Bacchione said...

Awesome comments. Leave a few things about yourselves. Daleboca, I love the support of the corporate gym world. I also have a membership to one of those. And the museums are Guggenheim, The Met and now MOMA.

Mike said...

How do I love thee...Let me count the ways...