Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Zodiac Tramp Stamp

Jenny, Manhattan, NY
Yesterday, a friend of mine revealed she had a secret she had been keeping from me and it was making her feel really guilty. She then whispered, "I have a tramp stamp." Here is her confession, perhaps my favorite story yet:

Tramp Stamp: Libra scales in a tree...with some stars (Finally! A Zodiac tramp stamp!)

Tattoo Meaning: In Jenny's own words, "Seeking balance...and I really, really loved trees, I guess." In my words, "I once listened to The Doors."

Time of Tramp Stamp: 19 years old in Albuquerque, New gets better. Jenny started off her tramp stamp tale with, "So, I was living on an Indian Reservation in New Mexico..." Jenny was doing a community service and camping program and one night she and her fellow...colleagues?...hippies?...what is the right word? Anyway they all got drunk off 40's of the fine malt liquor, Old English, and promised to all get tattoos, which led them to a headshop in Albuquerque. Jenny added, "My tattoo artist's name was Slick." It gets better... But how does a girl pay for her tramp stamp when she's living on an Indian Reservation? Jenny explained, "I called my parents from a payphone and asked if they would send me money to pay for it." Furious, they said NO and to this day her father has refused to ever look at it. But luckily for Jenny, her fellow Reservation friends pooled together their money and bought her a permanent memory of such an awesome story. "In the end only me and one other girl went through with it. The other girl got one on her foot which looked painful...and right before I went in this huge buff guy covered in tattoos told me, It's the worst pain of your life." (Well done, Albuquerque!) But Jenny said it wasn't that bad and she definitely got that "adrenaline high" people talk about.

Bio: Jenny is an artist, an illustrator and a third grade teacher living in New York City. While she has never really received any annoying comments about her tramp stamp she does suffer from the Tramp Stamp Teachers Dilemma. Sometimes when leaning over or reaching for something, one of her students will accusingly ask her if she has a tattoo. When I asked her how she answers, she said, "I roll my eyes and use body language to suggest that there ARE stupid questions and you just asked one." But Jenny said she hates that these tattoos got the nickname tramp stamp. She still believes, as do I, that it is a great place for a tattoo...mainly because she never sees it.

Tattoo Goal: Jenny thought about just saying "Fuck it!" and extending the tattoo so that maybe her whole back would be turned into a giant tree..."But , then I thought that was kind of stupid."

Jenny, thank you for finally coming forward and letting me profile you on Tramp Stamp Thursdays! When I thanked her in person Jenny said, "I just felt it was the right thing to do."

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Carmen said...

nice closing line!

Sarah said...

This is hilarious!! I love these tramp stamp posts!

Lindsey Anthony-Bacchione said...

Thanks for commenting!