Thursday, April 5, 2012

Tramp Stamp Thursdays: The Dude Tramp Stamp - This is Serious Shit, Man

Jackson, Boston, MA

Tramp Stamp
Yesterday, the lovely artist and Tuesday Treat, Alex Goldberg, and I went for a stroll as we talked about how I still needed a tramp stamp for today. We walked into a favorite little shop of ours and after seeing parts of a sleeve tattoo on the man behind the register, I thought, he must know a tramp stampee. People with sleeve tattoos have friends with tattoos. It's just the way things are. I asked Jackson if he knew anyone who had a tramp stamp and he said, "Yeah...well, I have a tramp stamp." I was so excited! I begged him to let me profile his and then he added, "'s an hourglass." Could this tramp stamp from a gentleman get any better?!! I thought. He let me snap this tramp stamp which at first glance looks like a fallen hourglass with maybe some clouds above it. Poet, perhaps? Writer? Memorial tattoo? And then he revealed it was part of a larger piece, which as you can see, is pretty fucking epic. It's size alone makes it pretty bad ass.

Time of Tramp Stamp 
No better age than legal drinking age to get some permanent ink! Sweet 21!

Place of Tramp Stamp
Bushwick - Brooklyn, baby! At Morning Star Tattoo on Wyckoff Ave. (You can also email Wayne at

Tattoo Meaning
I asked him what the tattoo's meaning was and he said, "You know, life and death and time."  Yesssssss.......we love you, Jackson.

Jackson is an artist who also works at my favorite shop in Greenwich Village, Greenwich Letterpress on Christopher Street between 6th and7th Avenues. His art work is mainly print making and painting and it just so happens that he has a show coming up at Traffic Bar (986 2nd Ave and 52nd Street) on April 19th. Jackson is part of a Collective - Impulse Control Disorder - which is currently building their website.  When I asked Jackson if he had anything he wanted to say about his tattoo, especially considering he is the first male tramp stamp profile, he said, "I don't know...Check out my tramp stamp, bro."

Jackson also added that while he was getting this piece ( a whopping eight hours in the chair, mind you) the tattoo artist, (Wayne, we presume) was taunting him with, "Here comes your tramp stamp." Nice, Wayne. Nothing like sitting through seven and a half hours of skin engraving to then be taunted by your tattoo artist at the end. (We kind of love you, too, Wayne.)

When I told Jackson, we would also plug Greenwich Letterpress, he said, "Oh, yeah, please do!" Seconds later he bared his body for us taking tramp stamping to a whole new level.  To the owners of Greenwich Letterpress, give this man a raise!

Tattoo Goal
Jackson said he might get this piece touched up even though he kind of regrets it. But, I have to applaud Jackson for going big. This ain't no sissy tattoo! And as far as content, you don't get heavier than life and death...and time.  Both me and Alex left the store saying two things: That guy is awesome and That was actually a pretty cool tattoo. (But we forget to ask if he drew it! Hopefully, via the wonderful world of twitter, he will let us all know!) *This just in: the tattoo is from the work of Hans Holbein the Younger.

Jackson, we love you, baby! Thanks for being my first. Go see his show! And you can follow him on twitter @jkaers

If you are interested in having your tramp stamp profiled, leave a comment or tweet me @rewindrevise

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