Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tramp Stamp Thursdays: The Child of God Tat

Alexis, Indianapolis, IN
Tramp Stamp: Cross with 2 doves on each side holding a ribbon

Tramp Stamp Meaning:  Something meaningful.

Time of Tramp Stamp: 2-0!

Bio:  Alexis is not one to brag on herself but fortunately, Courtney of tribal/Celtic tramp stamp fame, filled us in on the elusive Alexis.  In Courtney's own words, "She is an AWESOME Life Coach (at an adult charter school) and works with adults who are coming back to get their high school diplomas.  She helps them set goals, checks on their progress and helps them remove barriers that might prevent them from being successful." Do you expect anything less from a Tramp Stampee who gets a cross draped in ribbon carried by the symbols of peace? I mean, c'mon! How awesome is that!

When I asked Alexis if she had any wild tales surrounding this experience like a night of drinking 40ozs on an Indian Reservation or being overcome with the idea of getting a tat at the shop Fred Durst worked out during spring break in Jacksonville, Florida or feeling inspired after too much fresh air and granola to get the image of children holding hands over your ass while working at summer camp in Vermont, Alexis admitted she had no wild tales but that she is a Christian now and would rather have only two tattoos instead of three. (Forgive me father for I have sinned...again and again and again....Of course, I had to ask about the other two!)

Alexis said, "I went through a phase where I wanted tattoos and piercings. I kept saying to myself anything I get must look good on me when I am 80!" (And what's more timeless than a cross?!)
"My first tattoo was on my shoulder at age 16." (Niiiiiiiiccccceeeeee) "It's my name in cursive next to a cross covered in flowers. My second tattoo is on my right thigh and it's a cross, wood grain, with my mothers name on top." Alexis said she did it to show her mother, who she had a strained relationship with, how much she "loved her." She also admitted that she got the tattoo on her arm because, "I was young and thought it was cool." Oh, Alexis, so many of us inked up derrieres feel you!

Tattoo Goal: While Alexis doesn't love her tramp stamp she won't be removing it.

Thank you, Alexis and Courtney! This has been another successful story on Tramp Stamp Thursdays. 

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