Monday, April 16, 2012

A Letter to all Brides To Be

Dear Bride To Be,

We get it. It's your wedding day, a day you may have dreamed about since you were a girl, a day that has been mythologized to be the most beautiful, most perfect, most romantic and memorable day of your life. You want to look your best. Who doesn't? So you diet and you exercise and you get into high-end skin routines and bizarre beauty regimens. All of this, I get. But this latest thing, this placing a feeding tube in your nose to your stomach to shed those last 10 - 20 pounds to fit into a dress you will only wear once, this living off a feed bag for ten days. This I do not get and hopefully you don't either. 

What does it mean to be beautiful? Does being "skinny" really outweigh all the other factors? Does being small matter more than a healthy glow, than a warm smile, than an attractive energy? Sure, I want to lose ten pounds before my day but not at the expense of my sanity. And I hope you don't either. The day is not a beauty pageant. It's a celebration of your love and commitment to the one you love. Let's not forget it, deal? Deal.


Another bride-to-be

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