Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What's In A Color? That Which We Call Chatreuse By Any Other Name Would Still Look Like Split Pea Soup

 I have a confession. I'm stuck...stuck on colors. When we decided we wanted a Fall wedding, we thought we would most likely get a November date since October seemed to be booked everywhere. Everyone wants October in New York, because here, it's fall colors. Forget cherry blossoms and sunflowers! Bring on the rich golds, chocolate browns and merlot reds! What I didn't plan on was actually getting the last weekend in October at a funky venue in Soho. The venue is perfect for us. For me, it is really perfect. When I asked Mike, "do you think it will be weird having it so close to Halloween? I mean, there are going to be zombies on the subway with us and stuff." He sort of laughed the same way my Dad laughed when I told him. "That's all part of the experience" is the general consensus here. But as someone who hates Halloween, I want to be damn sure that nothing about my wedding suggests it is "Halloween themed" and yet, I feel I have to pick a color that is within the fall color earthy tone range. I know what you're thinking, this poor girl has a really big dilemma on her hands. Forget that whole Joseph Kony video everyone is talking about, this is real shit man! Thank you for understanding. But honestly, help me readers and lurkers and fellow bloggers? And I know some of my family is reading!! Because our venue is very "busy" I was going to go with a champagne palette. Even telling people, "I'm thinking of a champagne palette," made me feel really sophisticated and like I knew what I was doing. Like, I was above "color." But Mike wants to wear a light gray suit and I don't think you can really mix champagne and gray. I mean I guess you could, but it's kind of like that whole fashion flip-flop faux pas of wearing black and brown. Most of the time it really doesn't work, but sometimes it works because it doesn't work. Like mixing silver jewelry with gold jewelry. Sometimes you can pull it off, but I don't really buy it. (As we speak I am wearing a gold necklace and a platinum ring. We are all the sum of our walking contradictions. Don't kid yourself. Think champagne palette.) So, here's the thing, I actually love the color orange and I think a burnt orange could work with light gray, but I can already hear the references to pumpkins and zombies and I imagine table conversations about the Halloween parade down 6th Avenue that will happen just four days later:
Did you see the naked guy spray painted silver last year? What was he supposed to be? 
The Tin Man.
Huh...that explains the naked guy with the brown shag bathmat around his neck. 

Halloween in New York is two nipple pasties and a set of vampire teeth away from being the freakiest strip show on Earth. Even more reason, I don't want my NY wedding mistaken for a Halloween one. So, I was also thinking about navy blue and marigold to mix with the light gray. But that seemed too much like spring or sailors or my AYSO All-Star Jacket I wore religiously way beyond its "possibly cool" expiration date. I have come back around to the first color I actually ever whispered when we first booked the venue, "What about a Merlot?" (Apparently I like to associate my colors with wines because I think it makes them sound more fancy.) But what about burgundy? Burgundy and light gray...I think it can work...but I'm not completely sure. And I'm at a total loss for flowers then, but that would be left up to my awesome florist and friend. Friends, Romans, Countrymen, and especially any Fashionistas, lend me your Panatone minds?!


Carmen said...

personally, i was thinking the same thing: burgundy


whatever color/s you choose will be THE colors. they will cease being your soccer colors, or halloween colors but your wedding colors. wear what you feel, feel what you wear :)

Nick said...

I'd suggest messing around with this color tool:


Look at other people's themes or plug in a color and go from there.

Lindsey Anthony-Bacchione said...

Thank you for the suggestions!!