Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tramp Stamp Thursdays: The Whimsical I'm -Over-Faeries-But-Still-Believe-in-Fairytales Tattoo

Morgan, San Fernando Valley, CA
Tramp Stamp
A seahorse/flower/weed/ squiggly thingamajig....alright, how about a whimsical illustration stolen from her favorite childhood book, The Ordinary Princess. That's solid, right? The story is about a princess who is cursed with being ordinary, unlike her six beautiful sisters. The ordinary princess is brunette and freckled. (Editor's note: Morgan is fair skinned and a natural blond) When she finds out her parents' plan to have her rescued from a dragon by a prince she will then have to marry, she runs away into the woods where she prefers adventures, anyway. She then gets a job as a maid and falls in love with another house servant who reveals he is also an "ordinary" prince.The two marry and live happily ever after. (Editor's note, Morgan's husband is also fair skinned and blond. They are the most beautiful couple I've ever known.)

Time of Tramp Stamp 
I'm going to go with, 21, right after we graduated college and yes...this was right about the time people were already getting shit for "lower back tattoos."

Place of Tramp Stamp
None else that her beloved Valley! Home of the pornography industry, with more sun tanning salons and pools per square foot than perhaps anywhere else on the planet, where you can always get a good taco or at least a good TV star sighting, not to mention home to some of the finest people I have ever known, it's my home and Morgan's home - the 818, baby!

Tattoo Meaning
Beauty comes from within!...(Even though I kind of look like Tippi Hedren from Hitchcock's The Birds. I totally am down with "ordinary." ) 

Morgan is now married to her first and only love and the proud mama of a beautiful girl. (See! Fairy tales can come true! Thanks, Tramp Stamp!) She blogs over at is a curator for Cargoh, is the entertainment editor for BlogHer AND she is a screenwriter knee deep in the Hollywood trenches.  She is pretty amazing at damn near everything she tries. She is also the owner of a flirty ankle tattoo that doubles as a boyfriend tattoo (Her and her man got matching star tattoos when they were oh so little.) And a reverse tramp stamp -one that goes across the belly- that I went with her to get before we considered things like pregnancy and stretch marks. She also got this same reverse tramp stamp retouched by a tattoo artist that took creative license in adding his own gothic embellishments. She vows to never show me this tattoo again.

Tattoo Goal
Here to stay! After awhile, aren't they all just illustrations of one story or another, anyway?

Moe, thanks for being this week's edition of Tramp Stamp Thursdays and for taking my light jabs at your not-so-ordinary, but totally extraordinary self! It's been a pleasure knowing you pre-tats, post-tats, and even during tats! Here's to more stretch marks for both of us in the future! Love you, girl!

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The818 said...

Hey! Who are you calling "extraordinary"?! And please. In my wildest dreams I look like Tippi Hedren. Although that would make an amazeballs Halloween costume. xoxoxo

Lindsey Anthony-Bacchione said...

Ha! That would be an awesome costume!!! Little to no makeup!

daleboca said...

One of the best costumes I ever saw was a mom at your school's Halloween party. She was in a suit with a hat with birds on it, blood dripping, bird glued on her shoulder. Blood splats. Perfect tippi in be of the freakiest hitch flicks!