Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tramp Stamp Thursdays: The Hippie Peace-Loving Tat

Julie,  Bend, OR
Tramp Stamp
Peace! One Love, Man!  I mean...Children are the future! know?... yo, let me a get hit off that...what were we talking about?

Julie in her Camp Counselor Element
Time of Tramp Stamp
21 Years Old

Place of Tramp Stamp
Burlington, Vermont, Baby! Granola crunching, incense burning, paisley dress boutique shops, Church Street, you know it! What, what!!

Tattoo Meaning
I'm a camp counselor in Vermont.

Julie, a Louisiana native, now works in a bakery in Bend, Oregon and lives with her bearded, charming partner. She is also a bad-ass skier, canoeist, canner, maker of fermented veggies and beer, hiker, kick-ass friend, dancer...oh and she was a dairy farmer for many years in Vermont...after she was a camp counselor with me.

[Editor's Note:] When I first met Julie at Summer Camp Orientation for staff, she was wearing a jean jacket and hoop earrings. Three months later, she had armpit hair and Chacos.

Julie and I back in the day, in a barn. Yes, I
am wearing a beaded necklace I made at camp
and I think Julie is wearing a hemp necklace.
One Love.
[Editor's Guilty Confession:] I was with Miss Julie when she got this tattoo, which I believe was a cover up of another tramp stamp. I believe it was a sun, the OG of all tramp stamps. I think I may have even been holding Julie's hand during this tattoo which was an idea she came in with. As Julie herself said,  "It all started with this damn iron on patch you get from Michael's, the craft store. It was of little people holding hands. I didn't quite get it ironed on the wallet I made myself, but boy oh boy did I get it ironed on..." It shows multi-colored stick-figure children holding hands around the globe. Julie said, "I handed the artist the children holding hands cut-out from my wallet I'd been carrying around for years, and said, "Please sir, would you cover that sun with this?" If I remember correctly, Julie's first reaction was that it was "big" but that she loved it. Julie, nothing is bigger than getting the earth and children tattooed over your ass. Well done. In hindsight, Julie said, "I honestly don't know how it began.....other than an urge to be tattooing children on my motherf'ing ass."

[Editor's Note:] She is one of my favorite people ever.

Tattoo Goal
Knowing Julie, she has no shame about bearing this tattoo or anything for that matter. She loves life, loves people, and loves getting naked. (And she sends friends homemade cards which make them all gushy inside.)

Julie, keep going "big." xo, Tonesters

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Anonymous said...

You two look like babies in that bottom picture!

Lindsey said...

We were. :)