Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tramp Stamp Thursdays: The Afraid to Commit Teeny-Tiny Tat

Tiffany, Indianapolis, IN

Tramp Stamp
A baby butterfly...I mean, C'mon Baby! Butterfly!...I mean...I was a baby and scared getting a tattoo might really hurt, so I got a teeny-tiny one... but whatever...I like small things...and butterflies...and the color

Time of Tramp Stamp 
February 2001, just after her 19th birthday, baby!

Place of Tramp Stamp
Terre Haute, Indiana. Tiffany described Terre Haute as: "If you haven't been to Terre Haute you aren't missing much except for the sweet aromatic blend of dirty river water, truck exhaust and Burger King. But hey - it was a female tattoo artist, so good on ya, TH."

Tattoo Meaning:
Everybody's doing it!

Tiffany is a proud mother of one, a dynamite Burlesque dancer, works in medical billing and is planning on going to school in the fall to become a nutritionist, segueing into becoming a naturopathic physician. She loves live music, yoga and feeding people! 

Tattoo Goal:
In her own words, "I hope to cover it/work it into another piece one day. A piece that I help plan and design. Not one that I pick out of an old photo album. Le sigh."

Oh, Tiffany, I feel that "le sigh" all the way from my head down to my "chosen from the wall" daisies on my derriere. Keep it real, Terre Haute!

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