Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tramp Stamp Thursday: The Junior High Notebook Doodle

Shannon, Flemington, NJ

Tramp Stamp
Aztec symbol meaning harmony. Duh.

Time of Tramp Stamp 
Barely legal 18, baby!

Place of Tramp Stamp
The dirty Jers, what, what?!

Tattoo Meaning:
This is the coolest doodle ever...when I grow up I'm getting in right above my ass!
In Shannon's own words: "When I was in 7th grade we made these Aztec Indian sun masks.  We were to use symbology from the Aztec tribe to decorate these clay masks.  I found a symbol that I absolutely loved and it stood for harmony.  After that, I would doodle this symbol everywhere.  Being an artist, I then took it to another level with this symbol.  Began using it in all my art.  Somewhere in the painting or drawing would be this symbol.  Some of the pieces it is subliminal, and some the entire design is formed around the symbol.  I began drawing it so much, I actually started signing my name to my art as the symbol instead of my actual name.  It became "my signature". Once I was 18, I knew what I had to do..." At first Shannon wanted the tattoo to go up her Achilles tendon. (Yeah, I know. She must be a bad ass. Even the tattoo artist said it would be too painful and he refused to do it.) The next best place was obviously above her ass. Or as Shannon delightfully put it, "So, I opted for the tramp stamp!"  Thatta girl! Ten years later and Shannon still  loves her Aztec tramp stamp.  She still uses the symbol in all of her work and in addition, she has her own company and the symbol has become part of her logo.

Shannon is a 28 year old artist  living in Flemington, NJ. For her 9-5, she is a very talented graphic artist, but she considers herself a fine artist in all other aspects of life.  She enjoys drawing, painting and sculpting when not slaving away illustrating on the computer.  She owns her own design business that is starting to flourish, but is not quite ready to quit her day job.You can check out her website at or her facebook  page at

Tattoo Goal:
In her own words, "I LOVE my tramp stamp and would never remove it.  I have zero regrets on getting it and I will have it forever :) ."

Shannon, I kind of love you. Tramp Stamp pride 4-eva! Keep up the good harmony! On a side note, if I tattooed any of the symbols I drew in the 7th grade I'd be covered in Green Day, Nirvana, Pearl Jam stick man and Anarchy symbols. You were way deep.

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I would have a stucci (really unclear how you spell that...).

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